Minkowski moves in at the Mozarteum

The French conductor Marc Minkowski was named artistic director of the Mozart Week (Mozartwoche) in Salzburg, The Mozarteum Foundation, sponsor of Mozart Week, made the announcement Friday. The event is held around the composer’s birthday in January.

The foundation also named concert promoter Matthias Schulz as their future director. Both men take office on March 1, 2012 and will be responsible for the 2013 Mozart Week. Mr. Schulz will replace Stephan Pauly who leaves to take over directorship of the Frankfurt Opera.

Minkowski, after founding the Musicians of the Louvre in 1984, made a substantial mark with this historically-infomed baroque group. He has since expanded his range of repertory and, since 2008, has been music director of Warsaw’s Sinfonia Warsovia. In recent years he has conducted many of the world’s major orchestras and his recording of baroque repertory have drawn wide praise. He has already appeared several times at the Mozarteum but nevertheless remarked, “I do not see this nomination as a reward for work done, but a promise for future accomplishment.”


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